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The Little Things that Eat up Electricity

In your fight to go green by saving electricity, most likely you’ll be more familiar with tips that include turning off the lights when not in use, turning off the air conditioning or heater when you don’t actually need them, and other major contributors to your electricity bill.

Going Organic for Love of the Earth

For people who are conscious about protecting the environment, the term “going organic” may likely be part of their general lingo. The importance of going organic lies in the way it affects the manufacturer side of the supply chain.

How to Lower your Electricity Consumption at Home

One of the most common issues that homes are concerned about today is on cutting down electricity bills. With the rise of gadgets and gizmos today, is it possible to use home appliances and still be able to conserve power and even cut down your energy consumption?

Eco Friendly Lifestyle Tips for Everyone

Most people do not like the idea of living a green lifestyle believing that it would require them to give up some of their treasured possessions and belongings. While this is partly true, choosing to live an eco friendly lifestyle doesn’t necessarily mean you have to throw away your stuff.

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Welcome to The Green Team website. We are a green earth environmental resource for information related to recycling, global warming, conservation, sustainable living and our ecology.

In general all things Green Earth related. Share your experiences, opinions and knowledge with our readers.

You can find quality information here about every aspect of environmentally aware living to enable you to do your part in the ongoing battle against the sins of the past.

The earth has suffered as a result of our actions, and it needs as much as we can give it to put things right. Contact the Green Team today to find out what you can do.

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