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Here at The Green Team website we are committed to raising awareness of the challenges that face every single one of us on the earth today. The climate is changing as a result of our own actions and only concentrated action in response to past mistakes will be able to correct the damage we have already done.

Technologies such as wind farms and solar power are a step in the right direction and by petitioning governments and industry leaders we can bring about real change. Get in touch with the Green Team.

Welcome to The Green Team website. We are a green earth environmental resource for information related to recycling, global warming, conservation, sustainable living and our ecology.

In general all things Green Earth related. Share your experiences, opinions and knowledge with our readers.

You can find quality information here about every aspect of environmentally aware living to enable you to do your part in the ongoing battle against the sins of the past.

The earth has suffered as a result of our actions, and it needs as much as we can give it to put things right. Contact the Green Team today to find out what you can do.

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PLEASE NOTE this website has nothing to do with the Green Empowerment Campaign. For more information on the Green Empowerment Campaign, please contact them directly c/o Green Party, 1A Waterlow Road, London N19 5NJ.

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