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Reduce unwanted mail

Many organisations now offer secure online billing rather than sending a paper bill each month. Eliminate junk mail by registering for free with the Mail Preference Service to have your name, as well as those of previous residents, removed from direct mail lists.

Ditch the disposables

Use products with a longer life, such as energy saving light bulbs, which can last around ten times longer than standard bulbs. You could also buy more concentrated versions of many products such as your washing detergent or washing up liquid.

Reuse where you can

Over 13 billion plastic bags are distributed in the UK every year. That's around 215 per person for the population of the UK. Reuse your plastic bags as often as you can or buy a stronger canvas or reusable shopping bag. Donate unwanted items such as clothes, books, CDs and furniture to charity shops or join a gift community such as Freecycle.

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